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Meijer Roses

On top of selling all kinds of flowers and bouquets, we also provide event and location oriented services!


The StoryAbout Meijer Roses

Meijer Roses is a third generation family owned nursery and was established in 1970 in the Netherlands. From the very beginning we have worked on providing our customers with roses to create the perfect presentation and blooming experience. Our combination of genuine passion for flowers and dedication allowed us to build a reputation for luxury, excellence and innovation. Over the years we broadened our scope and are cooperating closely with many national and international clients.

In harvesting roses it all comes to choosing the perfect moment to cut. We managed to find the optimal balance between the durability of the flower and its bloom. Our roses integrate these two factors perfectly and as a result, our flowers ensure unforgettable atmosphere and experience during every event and occasion. It never fails to amaze us when we receive personal reactions from our customers from all over the world. Every satisfied customer is yet another reason for us to grow.

Our roses

Our roses are suitable for every event and perfect for wedding decorations.

Why our roses are different?

  • Our roses have a thicker stem and a bigger flower
  • Our roses last long in the vase because grow very slow
  • Our roses are packed to preserve the quality
  • Our roses will match your expectation of real blooming rose experience.


With her beauty of presentation she is the perfect white rose and the classical rose from our collection.

Sweet Avalanche(+)®

Her romantic soft pink shades, made her into the ultimate wedding rose over the years she shared her love with many.


She has the strength of bringing colours together, her soft pink and peach character will unite it all.


Four Seasons(+)®

The ivory cream colour with her satin bloom, she always matches with delight and fashion.


Pearl Avalanche(+)®

Embrace the warm of her peach fuzz colour, she is the a jewel in floral design and style. Inspiring creations that enriches all flowerlovers.

Our Roses

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Happy Customers

David Beahm
In special events, not only do we need a quality product, it must have visual volume, and remain hearty in many not-flower-friendly environments.
I find that we consistently insist on Meijer Roses because they deliver all the above AND beauty, every single time.
A visit to their growing facility not only shows how much they care to produce a superior quality rose, the sustainable methods used are impressive and environmentally friendly.
David Beahm

529 West 20th Street, Suite 11 West New York, NY 10011 212.279.1344
We love working with all the Meijer roses, especially the White Avalanche! It is always so beautiful in all our work, whether it be for weddings, funerals or gift items. They open beautifully and their colour adapts to whatever we are putting them with. The Sweet Avalanche are also a beautiful blush rose which is extremely popular with our weddings wanting that blush touch (and not candy pink!) Whenever we have had contact with Meijer Roses on any form of social media, email etc they have always been so friendly and fast response! We were so fortunate to be on of their winners of their competition where we entered a picture of a bridal bouquet. They sent us a beautifully framed print of it to display in our shop! Sent all the way from Holland. It would be a dream to go over and visit all the Roses! Maybe one day!! Keep up the amazing work team and we will continue to purchase Meijer Roses!
Meijer Rose's are an exquisite rose from the bloom to stem. They stand out from any other rose variety, in my opinion.
My customers love them as they give bouquets, arrangements, wedding work the wow impact.

The Sweet Avalanche, is outstanding my no 1 pink rose.
Dolores Flynn
Dolores Flower Boutique
Het zijn allemaal stuk voor stuk prachtige rozen die altijd gegarandeerd uitkomen. Ik werk heel graag met Meijer Rozen voor alle bruiloften en evenementen! De Sweet Avalanche is echt mijn favoriet!

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  • 2023 – VGB Award – 1st place – Avalanche+
  • 2022 – VGB Award – 1st place – Avalanche+
  • 2021 – VGB Award – 1st place – Avalanche+
  • 2020 – VGB Award – Avalanche+
  • 2019 – VGB Award – Avalanche+
  • 2018 – VGB Award – 1st place – Avalanche
  • 2017 – VGB Award – 1st place – Avalanche
  • 2016 – VGB Award – 1st place – Avalanche
  • 2015 – VGB Award – 1st place – Avalanche
  • 2014 – VGB Award – 1st place – Avalanche+
  • 2014 – VGB Award – 3rd place – Sweet Avalanche+
  • 2014 – VGB Award – 3rd place – Pearl Avalanche+
  • 2012 – VGB Award – 1st place – Sweet Avalanche+

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    Vrederustlaan 28,
    2645 AW Pijnacker
    The Netherlands

    General information:

    Meijer roses is a modern rose breeding company specialized in the production of the large-flowered roses. In the Avalanche assortment of Meijer are the white Avalanche+, the soft pink Sweet Avalanche and the champagne colored Pearl Avalanche.
    Vrederustlaan 28, 2645 AW , Pijnacker, the Netherlands

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